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Misfuelling Cover
in the UK

Imagine the situation: you have filled up your car at an unfamiliar petrol station and you suddenly realise that instead of diesel you have just filled up with petrol. You have just Misfuelling! Would you know what to do?

Specialist Operators
On-site De-contamination
Fuel Tank Draining
Fuel Tank Flushing

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Fuelling Pumps

All Annual Road Rescue policies include Misfuelling cover in the UK, which means that with a quick phone call a trained AXA Assistance breakdown team will be on their way to drain and flush your fuel tank using a specialist roadside vehicle. If this is not possible we will arrange for the recovery of the vehicle, together with the driver and passengers, to the nearest repairer to drain and flush the tank.

The Cost of Misfuelling

Around 150,000 motorists accidentally fill their cars up with the wrong fuel every year, mostly with petrol being put into a diesel car. Diesel nozzles are larger than petrol ones so it's not often that it happens the other way round; but it's not unheard of. It can cost you a lot more than just some inconvenience. Not only do you have to drain the car you will have to pay for the vehicle to be taken to a place where this can be done safely - plus pay for disposal of the the contaminated fuel.

A petrol station will not allow you to do this within proximity of their fuel pumps. This is really inconvenient because once your tank has been drained (and flushed) you will need to fill it again! You may have to call out a specialist operator who has all the equipment to drain, flush, and refill from a modified breakdown truck, either in a remote lay-by or at their own premises. All in all, the above are very good reasons for choosing Road Rescue - as we are one of the few motoring assistance providers to include Misfuelling cover free of charge on all our UK policies.