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Home Breakdown Cover

For when you break down at home

Have you ever woken up to a flat battery on a cold and rainy winter's morning, or packed the car to go on holiday only to find the engine won't turn over? Our home start service could save you a lot of stress and help you on your way as quickly as possible.

Home Start
Local to Home Assistance
Recovery to Local Garage
Trained Operators

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Family packing car for holiday

If your vehicle breaks down at your home, or within one mile of your home, we will call on our network of trained breakdown operators to come to your home and try and get the vehicle going again.

If it is not possible to get your vehicle on the road we will transport it, together with the driver (and passengers if required) to a suitable local garage (within 15 miles).

Home Breakdown Cover or 'Home Start' is available on the Road Rescue Plus and Road Rescue Plus Europe policies.