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Caravan & Trailer

All our Road Rescue plans include Free Caravan or Trailer Recovery if you break down or have an accident while towing. We can cover caravans or trailers up to eight metres long (2.55m wide and 3m high).

Roadside Recovery

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Taking a caravan on holiday and seeking freedom on the roads is a popular way to beat the recession. It can be a lot cheaper than flying and staying at touristy hotels - plus you do not have the restrictions on luggage! It's all good fun and you are more likely to meet and make new friends. That is, until you break down or have a puncture...

Towing Tips

  • Make sure you know the weight of your trailer or caravan when it is fully loaded, and ensure it is within the towing capacity of your vehicle. Do not be tempted to overload the caravan or trailer.
  • Remember to check the tyre pressures on the vehicle. The recommended pressures when towing is likely to be different to normal motoring.
  • Make sure you have a usable spare wheel for your caravan or trailer. In many situations where your caravan or trailer has a puncture the assistance company may not be able to provide help without it.
  • Does you licence permit you to tow a trailer / caravan?
  • Do you have sufficient visibility? Wider caravans or trailers may require you to have extended door mirrors.
  • You can find more information about licence rules and what you can tow here.
Caravan and Trailer Recovery